Gange River Gange Voyager I

  • Height: 8.00M
  • Width: 12.50M
  • Length: 56.40 M
  • Floor: 3
  • Speed: 9.00KM/H
  • Tonnage: 1000 T
  • Room: 28
  • Carry Passengers: 56



Signature Suite(2F)

261 sqft -24sqm

  •  Our Signature Suite offers two styles of arrangements – 2 twin-size beds and 1 queen size-bed. It has a comfortable seating area and floor-to-ceiling glass doors to enjoy the view outside. Decorated with hand-stencils, local murals and fine wood furniture, the suite is meticulously designed for comfort.
    Room Area : 261 Square Feet ; 24 Square Meters 
  • Colonial Suite(3F)

    261 sqft-24 sqm

  •  The Colonial Rooms are painted in vibrant and inviting colours with picturesque prints that uplift the mood. There is a comfortable seating area in the suite and also a beautiful French balcony. The bathrooms offer spacious showers with premium bath linens and toiletries.
    Room Area : 261 Square Feet ; 24 Square Meters 
  • Heritage Suite(3F)

    280 sqft - 26 sqm

  •  Offering utmost privacy and comfort with a spacious French balcony to witness the panoramic views, Heritage Suite is a perfect retreat. It is fitted with an exquisite four-poster bed, Persian rugs and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. The hand painted walls add to the charm of these suites.
    Room Area : 280 Square Feet ; 26 Square Meters (With Balcony) 
  • Viceroy Suite(3F)

    360 sqft -33.4 sqm

  •  Regal and ornate, the Viceroy Suite is furnished with colonial décor, Persian rugs and hand-stencilled walls. It has more than 360 sq. ft. of living space, a finely crafted day bed and a spacious bathroom fitted with all modern amenities.      Room Area : 360 Square Feet ; 33.4 Square Meters 
  • Maharaja Suite(3F)

    400 sqft - 37 sqm

  •  The most luxurious and spacious suite aboard, with 400 sq. ft. of space, the Maharaja Suite is a haven of luxury. Embellished with Persian rugs, Burma teak floors and rich tapestry, it also has a flat screen TV, on-demand movie service, and a writing desk. Bathrooms are as luxurious as the room and are fitted with both spacious bathtub and shower panels. Daily butler service and in-room dining are also available on request.
    Room Area : 400 Square Feet ; 37 Square Meters 

    Explore South Asia 27 days
    Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Kolkata-Gange River Cruise- Varanasi-Kathmandu-Paro-Thimphu-Bangkok






    Ablution of India Gange River 17 days
    Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Kolkata - Bandel - Kalna -Matiari - Khushbagh - Baranagar - Murshidabad - Chandernagore - Kolkata - Varanasi - Delhi







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